Signage and Adaptation

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Anxious to make daily life , especially the art and wealth of patrimony more available , especially to the public with special needs (within the 11 February 2005 French Act domain); Arrimage conducts signage and adaptation work in various fields, as architecture, sculpture , or painting, allowing the vision of their equivalent in mental images on different media such as bronze , ceramics , glass, and resin.

Below are some examples of our achievements - Reproduction Rights prohibited

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A stylized copy of the great outdoors with its mountain, its hill, its waterfall, its beach and its water stream, this surprising green space of 7000 m2 is an authentic work of art created in compliance with the strictest principles of the concept of compactness resulting from of Zen thought.

Developed by the URTECH Company, in collaboration with the Arrimage N.P.O., the Audioplage® device allows visually impaired or blind people to swim freely, independently and in optimal safety conditions.

These ethnobotanical gardens were developed around the priory and its Romanesque church from 1986 by the departmental ethnological museum of Haute-Provence. Their purpose is to illustrate the relationships between Haute-Provençal society and its plant environment.