The Association Arrimage, as Louis Nucera liked to say is a "conspiracy of friendship" that brings together exceptional people with recognized talents and professionalism; around its president Claude Garrandès, and whom through the various actions it takes, sharing an emotion that takes and gives meaning to the visible, makes sensitive the unspeakable and palpable the ineffable.

The President particularly wishes to thank:

  • The Board of Directors of the Association Arrimage,
  • Patrick Chartoux, Michel Benvenuto, Pierre Batesalle and James Paterson for their unfailing involvement
  • Everyone we had the honor to work with for for their sense of sharing
  • Volunteers who ensure the influence of our Association
  • Fabrice Barbaras, Rene David, Jean Cortes, Gilbert Fenouille, Valerie Allongé for their work
  • Our numerous members and donors whose generosity allowed us to intensify our action with children or disadvantaged adults
  • Guillaume LLopet for virtual work



Claude Garrandès



Frossasco Jean Charles



Bonet Phillipe



Blouin Valérie


Assistant Secretary:

Turchi Maxime




  • And our honors members:
    • Jean Cocteau
    • Edouard Dermit
    • Jean Marais
    • Susane et Louis Nucera
    • Maurice Druon
    • Michel Deon
    • Jacques Toja
    • Jacques Weber
    • Alain Lefeuvre
    • Raph Gatti
    • Joinul Maunoury
    • Daniele Giraudy
    • Phillipe Hardy
    • Famille D'Agay - Succession Saint-Exupéry