Developed by the URTECH Company, in collaboration with the Arrimage N.P.O., the Audioplage® device allows visually impaired or blind people to swim freely, independently and in optimal safety conditions.

This concept is modular and adapts to all swimming areas open to the public (swimming pool, beach, lake, etc.)..

The "welcome totem" informs the user of the arrangements for organized swimming on this beach (geographical location, invitation to go to the baywatch station, etc.).

The user is then equipped with a micro-transmitter in the form of a watch bracelet with three buttons:

Location request: beacons at sea broadcast an audio message.
Return to the beach: the beach totem emits a signal facilitating the return to the beach.
Assistance request: the aid station receives the distress message.
Tactile beacons allow users to position their location on the beach. These beacons are identified by tactile symbols (dolphin, starfish, etc.).

The "beach totem" describes the number and positioning of markers at sea.

The beacons at sea, upon interrogation of the user by the watch bracelet, announce the positioning of the beacon (beacon number, distance from the beach, depth).

The first aid station is equipped with a radio alert case.

The Audioplage device must be paired with swimming equipment for people in wheelchairs and a first aid station