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Embossing from the art book “Hommes des Merveilles”, presenting the famous engraving “The man with zigzag arms”, incised on a stone from the Valley of Wonders by our distant ancestors

This engraving represents a male character with a haloed head and lightning-shaped arms ending in hands; the lower part of its body is superimposed on a large reticulate with multiple squares.

It would evoke the God of Heaven who fertilizes the Earth.


Dimensions : 20cm x 29.7cm


In addition to the embossing you will find its description in French, English, Italian, French Braille, English Braille and Italian Braille.

For history enthusiasts who cannot go to the Vallée des Merveilles site (between 2000 and 2700 meters above sea level) the hollow embossings restore the exact image of the original engraving. The opposite side of the embossing, in relief, allows the blind to appropriate the work of their distant ancestors.

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