The Garden of the Five Senses, in the heart of the Pissarro Museum park, covers an area of ​​1250m². Opened on June 1, 1995, it was initially designed for the blind and visually impaired. It is the first garden of this type in Ile de France.

The garden is a circular clearing where two grassy paths intersect.

It offers a beautiful view of the south and west of Pontoise and its surroundings. At the entrance to the garden, circular in shape, an airlock exuding the sweet scent of viburnum welcomes the visitor. The species were chosen based on their scent and their flowering spread over time. You can touch, smell and taste the aromatic or medicinal plants in the garden. Many varieties of plants are represented: geraniums, bellflowers, mints, hellebores, sage, rosemary, mock orange, osmanthus, trifid maple, Tibetan cherry, Mexican orange, etc. .'

An overall plan with a slight relief has been produced by our N.P.O., and legends in Braille help visitors associate the name of the plants with their texture or their scent, ramps along the paths guide the path.