As part of the urban policy of the city of Rennes - "Art in the city" - at the initiative of Philippe Hardy, philosopher specialist in art - responsible for culture and urban planning at Renne Town Hall - we have participated in making art already in place in the heart of the city, accessible to the visually impaired and blind.

We have therefore created, in agreement with exceptional artists, the signage for their works permanently exhibited in the city.


Some artists with whom we collaborated for this action:

  • Claudio Parmiggiani
  • Erik Dietman 
  • Anthony Gormley 
  • Silvain Hairy 
  • Peter Downsbrough 
  • François Morellet 
  • Nessim Merkado 
  • Etienne Bossut  


But also many others including:

  • Jean-Baptiste Barré 
  • Jean-Yves Brelivet  
  • Sylvain Dubuisson
  • Jean-Paul Philippe



Adaptations by R.David and F.Barbaras