The course of the exhibition takes place over the mediums and themes addressed by the artist, 15 days in the factory, Mnemoliths, Opus caementecium, Guardians of stars, Chelsea meat factory, Mythological Bestiary, The Era of fish, the Museum of French Monuments (Ars architectonica), Subway in New York (The Nietzschean Dawn), The man of the afternoon, Portraits, etc.
The scenography highlights paintings in series of small and large formats, silver photographs, drawings and engravings, with also video projections and a volume creation specially designed and produced for the venue.

"You have to know how to lower the eyelids, close the shutters, draw the curtains and in the dark in the privacy of our inner deserts open your eyes to see clearly - To see otherwise -" Claude Garrandès, 'Voir Autrement'.

Fruit of the collaboration of Caroline Challan Belval and Claude Garrandès

Printed for 80 copies on 'Arrimage' and 'La Lino' presses

Copyright Editions Claude Garrandès, Novembre 2011